Electrical Services

Electrical services are an important element of our business model here at RMS Industrial, ensuring that we offer complete services for our clientele. Our electrical services cover electrical maintenance, product installation and contracted electrical works.

Not only can we perform the services ourselves, but we encourage contact form purchasing managers and electricians. We offer detailed advice to such clients, assisting them by providing all required information on our products to ensure the best outcome of the supplied item. We are happy to answer any question, no matter how big or small.

Here at RMS Industrial, we have on hand schematics and data sheets on all products, aimed to assist our clients and those who intend to install our products. All available information is downloadable from our website, all for the convenience of our clients.

Can’t find the service you require? We perform a wide range of electrical services and electrical maintenance, ranging from modifications, installations, switchboard electrical services and custom commissioning of electrical equipment and systems. Still unsure what you require? Call us today and discus your personalised requirements. We guarantee superior and quality services focused on your individual needs and satisfaction. 

REC: 19418